The Main Question: Is Twitter Really Worth Anything?

March 30, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Biz said he once met with Facebook’s creator to rebuff a multi-million buyout offer: “To be perfectly honest, we had no intention of ever selling. We [wanted] to go meet the great Mark Zuckerberg.”

Biz added that they just picked the number 500 million out of the air just prior to the meeting. True to form, Mark impressed: “It almost seemed like he had 12 people in his head.”

Howard asked if Biz had collected any of Twitter’s supposed worth: “You look like a hippie. You look like a kid, quite frankly.” Biz admitted the company had yet to make him any real money: “It’s all based on potential. I make a perfectly good salary…I feel like I’m going to be fine. I have complete faith that Twitter will be ten times bigger than it is today.”