Jason Ellis Returns to the Stern Show

April 6, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard welcomed fellow Sirius XM host Jason Ellis to the studio and said he was disturbed by Jason’s frequently-dangerous on-air stunts.

Jason said it was an extension of his addictive personality. “I’ve got a problem,” Jason said. “But, you know, I’ve switched it. Instead of doing drugs and being an f’ing asshole, every now and then I get punched in the face. You got to have a vice. I don’t drink. I like pain…it’s not about fame. I do it because I love it. I like testing myself. I like feeling nervous.”

Jason said his stunts were never really that dangerous. “You go to the hospital and shit but you don’t f’ing die,” he said. Asked if he’d ever consent to receiving oral from a transvestite on-air, Jason balked, but not because it was too gay. “I’m married,” he explained.

Jason then described his favorite recent stunt, called Musical Chair Fight, which requires eight men and six chairs. “The two dudes who don’t find a chair fight for one minute … until there’s two people left and they fight for the title of the Musical Chair Championship,” Jason explained.

Childhood Abuse

Jason said a lot of his issues stemmed from childhood abuse. “Somebody made me suck their dick when I was five,” he told Howard during his interview, explaining he had a lot of evidence that the “somebody” was his grandfather. With Jason’s permission, executive producer Gary Dell’Abate tried to get Jason’s grandfather on the phone to confirm, but the number had been disconnected.