Brad Cancels Date Night

April 7, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, Howard asked George if there was any fall-out from his actions on yesterday’s show–George helped remove the clamps from Sirius XM host Jason Ellis’ penis. George nodded, explaining that Brad had cancelled their weekly ‘date night’: “Sunday’s off and maybe even Monday’s off.” George added that he planned to change Brad’s mind (“I have my ways.”) adding that he had no regrets about touching Jason: “It was a treat…I was doing it as Florence Nightingale. I soothed the penis.” George said he sat down with Brad after yesterday’s show and confessed everything: “I described that sensation. I mean, [Jason] was limp but so, so full.” Brad conducted business as usual for the rest of the day, but avoided intimacy: “He did not talk about anything personal.” George said Brad only allowed him a kiss last night, so he thought of Jason: “This morning, in the shower…”