Is Jon Hein Stalking Howard?


April 11, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said Ralph pointed out that Jon Hein had switched to the iPhone just days after Howard. Ralph wondered if Jon was actively pursuing things to talk with Howard about. Jon came in to say he’d always planned to switch to the iPhone when Verizon started carrying it–and questioned Ralph’s motivations: “What a shock that Ralph pointed that out.” Jon said he and Howard tried to videochat with Ralph last night, but Ralph had constant connection issues: “Maybe he thinks he knows Macs but I don’t know.” Later, Richard came in to say he hadn’t invited Ralph to his wedding because of his snarkiness: “To tell the truth, I imagine him being at the wedding, analyzing everything, saying, ‘Oh, this guy’s a redneck. This sucks.'” Richard said his family wouldn’t stand for it: “Dad would string him up like a raccoon.”