Ronnie Is Twitter Crazy

April 11, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, Howard noted that the newly-verified Ronnie the Limo Driver had gone Twitter crazy: “He’s already tweeted three times today.” Ronnie came in to say a lot of his tweets were attacks on his asshole followers: “I hate ’em. Like you. They drive me crazy.” Robin said Ronnie’s temperament wasn’t suited for the network: “They can’t drive you crazy unless you go on Twitter.” Ronnie said he never tweeted during work and was being attacked–on all sides–unnecessarily: “I like it, OK? Do I bother you? Do I really bother you that much?” Howard asked Robin if she felt any less special because Ronnie has been verified and she has not, but Robin thought the answer was in the question: “How could it be special? Ronnie’s verified.”