He Can’t Give Up the Madhouse

April 12, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

David said he was still actively involved in the Beacher’s Madhouse variety show at LA’s Roosevelt Hotel: “I said on ‘Oprah’ I was going to leave it. I was getting a lot advice from therapists and people that it was probably not the best environment for me to be in. But I love it. And I’ve made friends with all these guys. I feel like they’re a part of my family…I’m back involved.” In reference to his unhinged appearance on Letterman last week, Howard asked if David ever acted wasted–at Beacher’s or otherwise–to make revelers more comfortable. David, however, denied this: “People think I’m wasted all the time anyway, just me running around, just being myself…[but] I’m, you know, wasted in my head.”