It’s Simple: He Wanted Fun, She Wanted Calm

April 12, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

David said he’d come to understand why his marriage didn’t work: “We’re very incompatible. We’re very different people. You know what I mean? [And] I have more of a tolerance for that kind of thing. I can put up with stuff. [But] she wants calm.”

David hoped Couteney found that calm: “I want her to have her happiness. Whether it’s with another person or not.”

Asked what changes Courteney could make to repair their marriage, David shrugged: “What I would need from our relationship is to have a lot more fun.”

David said Courteney’s level of fame made that kind of fun and spontaneity a near-impossibility: “She can’t go to South America and be sort of anonymous. No. I mean, ‘Friends’ is everywhere.”