Maria Menounos Stops by the Show to Promote Her New Book

April 14, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Maria Menounos stopped by to promote her new book “Every Girl’s Guide to Life,” and Howard immediately asked a question about her relationship status. “You’re in a relationship and you act like you’re single,” he said.

Maria replied: “I just don’t talk about it. I do admit–when someone asks if I have a boyfriend, I say yes.”

Maria said she’d been with her boyfriend Keven her whole adult life but he had yet to really pop the question. “I think he kind of did once,” she said.

Tabloid Pressure

Asked about children, Maria said: “We have always been very private about it…I just say, ‘You know what? I don’t talk about my personal life.’”

She said tabloid pressure plays a large part: “The second you get married, they’re waiting for you to divorce.”

David Arquette, who was also visiting the Stern Show, pointed out that as an “Access Hollywood” staffer Maria was a part of that machine. “You guys create these storms and you don’t take responsibility for it. You hide behind this gloss,” he said.

Howard agreed: “David makes a good point…they [shows like ‘Access Hollywood’] take a tabloid report and report on it and say, ‘Oh the tabloids are horrible. They’re saying this.’”

Meet Mr. Menounos

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate then introduced the guys to Maria’s boyfriend, Keven, who’d been waiting in the greenroom. Keven said he wanted their relationship kept quiet as he didn’t want to suffer the cost of fame: “It was my choice. I don’t want what you guys have.”

But Keven said there was still a media price to his anonymity: “I’m Maria’s wife.”

Maria nodded, saying that role also played out in private: “I’m the dude in the relationship.”

Bedroom Talk

Howard asked if Maria was a freak in the bedroom and Keven smiled.

“No, but she’ll surprise you,” he said. “She’s fun, yeah. Open.”

Keven further revealed Maria had a dirty mouth and liked to dress up in the bedroom: “The presentation’s all there. That’s what I’m into.”

He kept things going, speculating half of Hollywood had tried (unsuccessfully) to bed Maria: “All the A-listers have come [sniffing] around.”

Maria eventually put a stop to that line of questioning. “Keven!” she laughed. “Stop messing around! Oh, you’re so getting a beating later.”