The Future of the Cox-Arquettes

April 14, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Courteney said she was surprised by David’s blunt attitude: “I liked him more before I walked in here…we were best friends yesterday.” Howard wondered if they made better friends than lovers, but Courteney wasn’t sure: “We might end being [that].” Courteney said she certainly wouldn’t be able to give up their friendship: “He keeps me emotionally grounded.” David repeated his theory: “I think she is telling me it’s over.” Courteney wished they could stay together: “I would love for that to be the right decision [but] I don’t know…what on earth is going to be different? You’re going to be at Beecher’s Madhouse and I’m going to go to bed alone?” David didn’t answer, so Courteney continued: “We’re always going to be a family. Whether we’re together or not…I know he wants a decision yesterday. If that helps him move on, then, you know what, maybe it’s after your next relationship.”