To Be Fair, She’d Drive Most Any Man to Drink

April 14, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard continued: “The whole thing is, Courteney’s painting David as the immature one and she’s the mature one. And, I don’t know, it’s not good for David.”

Howard also had a problem with Courteney saying that, after their separation, her relationship with David was better than it ever was before: “What the hell is that? Come on. That’s insulting.”

David agreed: “A little bit. I mean, I can see both sides.” David explained: “I’m a much more patient person. I talk more. That more of the kind of stuff she’s talking about. I can listen, talk and sit at a dinner for a couple hours.”

Before sobering up, he’d been restless: “Every half hour, I’d just have to get up and stretch my legs and walk outside.”

David said breaking up with his wife was hard, but not as hard breaking up his family: “The f’ed up part is the family part.”

David welcomed his new found patience, referencing the glassware-shattering time he heard about Courteney’s first on-screen love scene: “I used to be super jealous. Breaking wine glasses over my head and shit. I used to be f’ing nuts.”

David said he knew better than to buy her “it’s just acting” love scene BS: “There’s hard-ons involved and bullshit.” Howard thanked David for his honesty: “You get real emotions going and you get hard.”