Kim Fought Hard for Each and Every Paycheck

April 27, 2011
Photo: Janet Mayer / PR Photos

Asked about her very public salary negotiations for the ‘Sex and the City’ movies, Kim explained: “I never asked for what Sarah got. Because Sarah was a producer. I felt that what they were offering the three of us–without a script, without a start date–was not fair. After us being in that show and being such an integral part. Not just playing the part, but we inspired so many of the storylines.” Kim said they never made much money until the final season of the show because, like most actors on HBO shows, they were bound by 5-6 season contracts: “[And] we didn’t have [commercial] sponsors. So there was no way we were going to make per-episode that Jennifer Aniston [did]. Millions of dollars? Never!” The other girls were less experienced, so Kim put her foot down: “I really was the one who spoke up.”