Exposed: Nick DiPaolo Dyes His Hair

May 3, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Nick DiPaolo stopped by to promote his new comedy special, ‘Raw Nerve,’ and immediately had to answer for his ‘road comic’ status: “I’m not exactly a loser! I mean, c’mon.”

Nick also had to explain his obviously-dyed ‘do (“I still do TV a little bit…it’s showbiz.”) and frequent use of the n-word: “I’ll use it in my car if somebody cuts me off. So will you and so will Robin.”

Howard insisted he would not, so Nick joked: “I guess you don’t bet on NBA basketball.”

After Nick confessed that he was still suffering from ED, Robin diagnosed him as having high cholesterol: “Circulation is everything…if you’re having vascular problems in one area of your body, you’re having vascular problems everywhere. I know what’s going on…your arteries are getting clogged and you need to clean yourself out!”

Nick disagreed: “It’s my wife’s job to unclog that artery.”