Robin Is Not Leaving the Show

May 9, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

At the start of the show, Howard said many media outlets were reporting that Robin’s was leaving the show–which was news to him.

Robin said the confusion began with a question she’d been asked by Radar Online about her other TV and radio plans: “The next thing I know, ‘Robin’s thinking of leaving.'”

Howard said he was well aware of Robin’s developing side-projects: “Robin’s looking for a show where she can do Robin stuff–as opposed to Howard and Robin stuff.”

Howard commended Steve Langford and the rest of the Howard100 News crew for quickly correcting the media reports–and their dogged disinterest in stories that weren’t about the show: “It’s just about us. If they started doing Osama bin Laden news, I’d fire them all.”

Before moving on, Howard hoped Robin’s dreams came true: “I support you in that. I would like to see a Robin Quivers solo project. I think that would be great.”