Antonio Sabato Jr. Has It All

May 12, 2011
Photo: PRN /

Antonio Sabato Jr. called in to explain his baby boy’s bizarre middle name, Kamakanaalohamaikalani: “It was my girl’s family name…it’s really long and confusing but it’s a name that’s a gift from the heavens.”

Antonio said the Hawaiian name honored his wife’s heritage: “I truly just did it from the heart.” And his wife deserves it: “She’s got the most beautiful feet in the world…I’m into feet.”

But He Could’ve Been a Meth Addict

Antonio confessed that he used to party pretty hard before he became a reformed family man: “I used to party hard, Howard. I used to have my days. You know, I could’ve went another way…like crystal meth.”

Antonio said a girlfriend had introduced him to the drug, and he quickly took to it: “Your body gets attached to it. Before you know it, you’re doing it every day. And you think, you’re doing it and you can go to work and do everything and before you know it, three years later you’re still doing it.”

Howard asked if Antonio kicked the habit in rehab, but Antonio said no, crediting inner strength: “Will. I looked at myself and I said, ‘No more.’ And I stopped. And it’s been about 8 years now. Clean.”