Robin’s Sad-urday

May 23, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, Robin confessed that she’d fallen off the detox wagon over the weekend: “I’ve talked about that I was going through a depression…it was a down day.”

Robin said she’d turned to solid food for comfort: “Not a binge. I was supposed to not be eating. I was not supposed to be chewing.”

She couldn’t source her despair: “You just don’t care about anything if you’re depressed…it’s not about anything. It’s a depression.”

Howard thought not chewing was the problem: “Maybe all this dieting is causing your depression. If I wasn’t eating, I’d be depressed.”

Robin said her ‘down day’ lasted “about 24 hours” before she bounced back: “You just become sort of numb.”

Usually she springs out of bed in the morning, but sometimes, like this weekend, she loses that enthusiasm: “I don’t spring. I just lay there.”

Howard speculated that Robin’s depression was “nothing a little penis wouldn’t solve,” but Robin insisted her issues weren’t romantic: “My thing is really an existential thing. It really is. I’m sort of exploring a different way of living…I used to live my life in opposition to things.”