The Black Cloud Road Show

May 23, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gange came in to tell the crew how Scott the Engineer’s sad-sack self-pity nearly ruined the Ronnie’s Block Party show they did on Saturday: “Before we even got there, Scott was calling us and complaining that he couldn’t find a parking spot.” Scott said he’d made every effort to have a good time: “I go to have a good time with these guys and all they want to do is bust my balls.” Howard didn’t understand why Scott was allowed on stage: “You’re a drain on the show…you really think they needed you there?” Scott shrugged: “Nobody needs me anywhere.” Shuli came in to say Scott made $800–a rate of something close to $3 a word–for his efforts at the event: “I made a couple hundred bucks more. But I did 45 minutes.” Ronnie laughed that Scott still wasn’t satisfied–when Shuli told Scott he’d be paid by Tuesday, Scott had muttered: “Never again.”