Kidd Chris Should Be the One Yelling

May 24, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Kidd Chris called in to promote his new album, ‘The Philly Years Vol. 1,’ and, referencing Howard’s previous discussion, said he’d just been fired from his gig at Portland’s KUFO: “Shouldn’t I be doing the f’ing yelling?”

Howard said Chris had ignored the nomadic nature of a radio career and cursed himself–Chris bought a house. Chris said his new gig was in Atlanta: “I may just fly in every day…I love this f’ing house. And it’s mine. It’s my first house.”

Chris said one of his KUFO interns recently ‘got serious’ about their radio career, so he’d tried his best to discourage them: “I told one of them that the radio business makes marriage look like a piece of cake.” After hearing Chris’s new gig was at Atlanta’s Project 96 radio station, Howard laughed that he wasn’t optimistic: “It sounds like 95 projects before it failed.”