Howard Shares His Thoughts on Oprah’s Billions

King of All Media says no one begrudges her enormous wealth

May 24, 2011

Howard noted that Oprah was now worth over $3 billion: “And nobody begrudges her the money.”

Howard thought she was lucky: “Only certain people I do business with, when I earn the money, they don’t want to pay it…everyone forgets what was going on around here when I signed on…but people have a short memory. They all have a short memory about what went on here.”

Howard continued to rant about memory: “Everyone wants to forget what they owe. And who they owe…in radio they resent every cent they have to pay you.”

Howard said he was insulted that Sirius XM didn’t credit him with the merger: “They’re telling me I had nothing to do with it? No! You acquired those subscribers because of me…I could have made ‘Private Parts Part 10.’ Because it never ends.”