Jimmy Fallon Is the Man of a Thousand Voices

May 24, 2011
Photo: NBC

At Howard’s request, Jimmy ran through some of his best impressions, including Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Seinfeld, and Regis Philbin. He also showed everyone how to “do” a Charlie Sheen voice. “It’s almost like Johnny Carson but a little bit gruffer,” Jimmy explained.

Fallon said his biggest mistake was only ever doing each impression once on “SNL.” “I was an idiot. If I have any advice for any cast member? Do it a thousand times,” he said.

Howard asked what else Jimmy regretted about his time at “Saturday Night Live” so Jimmy cited his tendency to crack up during the sketches. “They do not like that,” Jimmy said. His “SNL” co-star Will Ferrell was to blame at least once. “He would pinch my leg every time I’d open my mouth,” Fallon revealed.

Jimmy said he hoped to bring that same freshness to his new show. “Trying to go viral,” he said. “Whatever we can do to differentiate our show.”