Eric the Midget Returns

June 6, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said Eric the Midget had begun leaving voicemails for the show but was claiming that this didn’t constitute a return to the air – which Eric has sworn he would not do: “[But] he’s still calling into the show. He’s calling in in a different way, that’s all.”

In a clip from one of the six voicemails, Eric repeated this claim: “This is not an indication that I’m coming back.”

Howard laughed: “You are back, genius…this is one of 6 messages from Eric that day.”

In another message, Eric said he was upset about something Howard said on May 26th–Eric knew the date–about how most country singers having bad voices: “What a dumb topic. Is he boring or what?”

Robin wished Eric would engage with the show again: “This is so sad. He’s arguing with the radio…[but] he’s only listening to you on the radio and you can’t hear him responding.”