Howard Advocates the Stay-cation

June 6, 2011
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Early in the show, Howard asked the crew what they’d been up to, passing over Benjy’s answer for Fred’s deadpan description of his stay-cation: “I stayed out of Page Six.” Later, Robin said she’d traveled to London, bristling at Howard’s raised eyebrows: “I wanted to just get away. That’s a bad thing?” Howard thought Robin might need to follow Fred’s example: “You love to go places. Sit home!” Howard said he’d stayed and seen his youngest daughter off to her senior prom: “So now I have three grown daughters…you’d like to think they’ll [now] take some responsibility for themselves.” Howard said his daughter’s dress was beautiful–another bullet dodged: “To a dad, every kid looks like a stripper.” Howard hoped his daughters lived long, stress-free lives, unlike the life of NY Representative Anthony Weiner, who has gotten himself embroiled in a Twitter scandal: “I tell them to stay home…in a world where you can see your congressman’s cock, why would you go anywhere?”