Ramon & Jesus, Star Jockeys

June 8, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard welcomed star (horse) jockeys Ramon Dominguez and Jesus Castanon to talk about the first-ever Jockey Beefcake calendar and the upcoming Belmont Stakes. Howard noted that each came in at just 5’3″ and 103lbs: “I’m like, that’s the perfect hot chick’s body. It’s such hard work to be a jockey.” Asked if they ever make themselves vomit to cut weight, Ramon shrugged: “Some of us unfortunately do. Speaking for myself, I don’t.” Instead, Ramon eats light: “I’ll just have some toast and a little bit of coffee and that will keep me going all day.” Ramon said most jockeys start training at 15 years old, and often earn just a fraction of what the horses they ride do. Only successful jockeys, like Jesus, who just won the Preakness, make decent money. Jesus said he’d won himself a statuesque wife: “She’s taller than me.” Howard was happy to hear it, “You guys should walk around with a 6’2″ woman!”