Fast Food Show Is A Delicious Hit

June 15, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show praising Jon and Jason’s Fast Food Show from Monday night, an opinion Robin echoed: “They’re passionate about what they do.” Howard laughed: “And you can see it. Jason’s the size of a house.” Robin agreed: “Thank god they don’t do it every week.” Howard said the key to the show’s success was how seriously they treat their subject: “Nobody really talks about [fast food] in terms of its cuisine.” Robin said her favorite moment was the debate over McDonalds’ latest dipping sauce offerings: “Do you hear the passion the moment [Jason] said 4 new dipping sauces?” Jason came in to repeat his pro-condiment position (“I’ll dip anything into almost anything.”), adding that Jon’s aversion took the ‘fast’ out of fast food: “It’s a whole ordeal every time you go with Jon. Ugh! Everything’s got to be cooked fresh because he gets everything plain.”