Sal Was Sick Yesterday

June 16, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard noted that Sal had called in sick yesterday–with an over-explanatory phonecall to Gary–but seems to have recovered quickly: “You’re running around today like you’re as healthy as a horse.”

Sal bristled at Howard’s implication: “Don’t call me shady. I’m not an f’ing liar. I love being here. I don’t want to be in my goddamn house. My wife made me sleep in an f’ing blanket on the side of the goddamn bed like a goddamn dog.”

Howard repeated that Sal’s call was suspiciously detail-rich: “What’s all this explanation?”

Sal said Gary insists on a thorough explanation–and will call if he’s not satisfied with any given excuse–and laughed that the last thing he’d do with a day off was stay home: “I want to get the f’ out of my house.”