Gayle King Has No Right

June 20, 2011

Early in the show, Howard discussed the media reaction to Benjy’s performance at Anthony Weiner’s resignation press conference last Thursday. Like most other media personalities, Oprah Radio host Gayle King was annoyed with Benjy’s disruption: “I don’t think Gayle has the right to be upset about anything…Gayle has really never put herself out there on the front lines.”

Howard said Benjy only fulfilled the event’s promise: “It was weird. It was like a circus. It was like a crazy scene.”

Howard said he was baffled by the negative reactions, as a press conference innately engages the press: “It means you want them to ask you questions. So I don’t think what Benjy did was out of bounds.”

Robin agreed, referencing Benjy’s outburst at Weiner’s initial ‘I was wrong’ press conference: “And it wasn’t unprecedented. He did this with his first press conference.”