Vinnie Favale Has Kidney Stones

June 21, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Vinnie Favale called in to tell the crew that his kidney stones had gotten so bad, he recently vomited into his briefcase on the bus: “I do it very discretely.” Vinnie regretted having to throw it out: “Calvin Klein soft leather…that was a favorite one.” Vinnie said his kidney problems had caused him to lose over 50lbs over the last year–but only one briefcase: “My wife started packing a baggie with me.” At the mention of Vinnie’s wife, Debbie, the crew recognized an opportunity to listen to Vinnie’s infamously creepy ‘Debbie Tapes.’ Vinnie insisted the tapes were made early in the couple’s relationship–when they’d yet to meet in person–and had been taken “out of context.” Vinnie repeated that they were made to give a preview of the life they’d lead together: their commute, her closet, how he scratched his balls…