Wendy the Retard Is Eating Out of a Dumpster

June 21, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy the Retard called in to ask for money, as she’s recently had to resort to dumpster diving: “We’ve been eating out of dumpsters…we grab cheesecake, milk–I ate a cheesecake yesterday that I got out of the dumpster.”

Howard expressed his doubts, pushing Wendy for more details until she finally broke down and confessed:

“My brother came over here and ate everything from me and didn’t replace any of my groceries.”

Jason came in to say he’d recently spoken with Wendy about credit card debt she’d run up on the Internet:

“She said it was free shipping so she thought it would be ok.” Still, Howard doubted whether Wendy was really starving: “Are you still fat?”

Wendy claimed she was not: “No! I’m skinny! I weigh 220.” Robin laughed: “That’s not skinny unless you’re 9 feet tall.”