Jeremy Jackson Has A Front Row Sniff

June 28, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Former child star Jeremy Jackson called in to promote his role in the current season of “Celebrity Rehab” and discuss his time as ‘Hobie’ on “Baywatch”: “I quit the show when I was just about 18. I was partying hard. I was using a lot of drugs.”

In addition to his sobriety, Jeremy also lost all his Baywatch money–to a fraudulent investment scammer: “We should have Googled [him] before we gave [him] 45 grand.”

Jeremy told the crew he used to share a trailer with Pamela Anderson–and would often jerk off while sniffing her infamous red bathing suit: “All the girls’ Playboys [magazines] were around…you get to flipping through a few of those and then you start thinking, ‘How can I enhance this experience?'”

But he actually bedded Nicole Eggert (“We made love, Howard.”) but not until they returned to the cast for a Baywatch reunion movie when he was 22.

Sadly, the 10-year age difference was too much: “She was looking for something probably a little more secure.”