Harvey Levin Doesn’t Take the Top

June 30, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

TMZ CEO Harvey Levin called in to promote his new Sirius XM show, TMZ Live, which will air each night at 6pm ET on Stars 107.

Asked if he ever feared that his paparazzo minions might turn on him, Harvey said he once pre-empted them after a traffic stop in LA’s eponymous Thirty Mile Zone which the site is named after: “I took the first picture I could find and put it at the top of our website.”

Harvey said he rarely gets angry feedback from his celebrity targets but constantly hears from their handlers–still, no one can kill a good story: “You just have to do it.”

Asked about his boyfriend, a chiropractor, Harvey refused to say if he was a top or bottom: “I’m not coming clean!” Robin zeroed in: “I think he’s with a bottom and he stayed on the bottom…this proves it. He’s a bottom. Every top yells out, ‘I’m a top!'”

Howard agreed: “If Harvey’s that uptight about it, he’s getting it.”