Ronnie’s Intern Dog-Sitter

June 30, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard wondered why Ronnie the Limo Driver had hired one of the show’s interns to watch his dog this weekend, so Ronnie rushed in to defend himself: “Her dog just died. She loves dogs. And I thought it would be great. She’s very responsible. Seems like she’s very responsible. I asked Tracey, and she said she’s real responsible. And I asked her. What’s the big deal?”

Howard said he’d asked Ronnie not to get so “involved” with the interns–particularly the female ones–a concern Robin echoed: “It seems like every semester, we have to tell you to stay away from the interns.”

Ronnie threw up his hands: “Did I ask her out on a date?!”

Ronnie said she was just “a person who I’m paying to watch my dog,” so Robin laughed: “There are people who do [that] for a living.”