Ronnie Mund in the (Howard 100) News

July 25, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After listening to a Wrap-Up Show clip of Ronnie the Limo Driver complaining about the dearth of Howard100 News reports on his burgeoning acting career,

Howard laughed: “He was really upset…it’s so sad. Ronnie’s the only guy who really craves attention from the news department.” Pushed to comment further, Ronnie refused to open up: “No matter what I say, I’m wrong…I’m not supposed to talk about anything anymore.” Ronnie dismissed the stiff audition clips Howard had been playing as being a cold read: “Like I was reading the newspaper.” Lisa G said she’d spoken with the casting director who’d witnessed Ronnie’s performance: “He said, quote, ‘He was kind of terrible.'”