Andrew Dice Clay & His Entourage

July 26, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Andrew Dice Clay stopped by to promote his role on the final season of “Entourage,” and immediately started yelling at Gary, who was trying to put Dice’s headphones on: “Don’t mess the hair! What did I tell you?”

Howard asked Dice why he was so touchy, so Dice shot back: “Why do I care about my hair? Because I don’t have any really.”

Dice said he’s almost as bald as he is broke: “I don’t mean broke like I can’t pay my mortgage. It’s just tough to pay it…just to make my nut every month.”

Dice blamed his ruined finances on gambling and poor spending habits, saying he got used to the spoils of success in the early 90s: “I had a lot of money…[and] hotels had a suite for me at any time.”

But “Entourage” creator/writer/producer Doug Ellin, a huge Dice fan, is doing his part to bring him back from the broke-brink: “He wrote the part for me like he’s been living with me.”