Ronnie Is Untrainable

Howard calls his limo driver out for crediting Twitter with his acting successes

August 9, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, Howard yelled at Ronnie the Limo Driver for crediting Twitter with his recent spate of auditions: “Twitter isn’t how you got your talk show.”

Ronnie came in to clarify: “Not the talk show. The sitcom…they contacted me through Twitter.”

Since Ronnie had obviously missed the point, Howard instead harangued him for an outburst at Richard’s wedding: “You’ve got some personality…I have to teach you guys that it’s not your day?”

After Howard speculated that Ronnie may have been raised by wolves, Ronnie bristled: “Thanks for insulting my dead parents.”

Robin amended Howard’s statement: “They did a fine job. You were just untrainable.”

Ronnie later justified his outburst, saying he’d responded only after Tim Sabean ribbed him (Tim had shouted, “You’re next, Ronnie!”) and politely held back: “I didn’t say, ‘F’ you!’ I said, ‘Shut up, asshole!'”

Under steady fire, Ronnie deflected, saying Robin had sent her driver (Gene) back to the office yesterday to fetch the very expensive birthday gift–the Hermes messenger bag Howard had given her–that she’d left behind: “Poor Gene.”

Robin admitted she’d started leave things at the office too often: “I’m trying to get organized now.”

Howard echoed Ronnie’s lament: “Poor Gene! He’s in charge of you? And has to get your things back? That’s awful. That’s ridiculous. You should come–you know what? You wouldn’t forget your things if you had to come back up here and get them [yourself].”