Ozzy Jr.’s Sexual Resume

August 18, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Excess aside, Jack also credited his family with his romantic success: “I was raised by my mum, two sisters and a nanny…I never felt awkward talking to girls.”

As Howard listed the names of –a veritable who’s-who of Hollywood’s It Girls–Jack denied most of the romantic connections he listed, starting with Paris Hilton: “No. Never. We were friends. We used to hang out, but that was it.”

Kimberly Stewart: “That was never true. Kim’s one of my best friends.”

Jack later admitted to banging Kurt Cobain’s half-sister but denied ever dating ‘Gossip Girl’ actress Taylor Momsen: “I’ve never even met her.”

He also dismissed rumors that–at the age of 20–he banged supermodel Kate Moss: “She’s a lot of fun [but] I never had sex with Kate Moss.”

Jack said he was currently in bed with model/actress Lisa Stelly, who, after some cajoling, eventually got on the line to praise Jack’s sexual prowess.