Robin’s Got A New Bag

August 18, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

For the first hour of the show, Howard harangued Robin for leading an disorganized lifestyle, focusing on her tendency to lose personal items and her lack of an appointment calendar: “It means you don’t care.”

Robin said her new wallet was helping her keep things in order, but Howard refused to even look at it until Robin had used it for 2 months. Howard instructed Robin to download an app called ToDo and use it to track her appointments and friend’s birthdays, saying she could even set reminders to call or email someone.

Howard said Robin would be surprised when looking back at these logs: “The book becomes the story of your life.” Robin took the advice to heart, later thanking Howard for keeping her in check: “It was very helpful.”

Howard imparted several organization lessons while talking with Robin: “This is the most important radio broadcast I’ve ever done.” Among them:

1. Don’t become a slave to email. Set reminders–either by calendar book or a ToDo app on your phone–to email when it’s more convenient.

2. Set appointment and birthday reminders far in advance.

3. Review your calendar every night to set ToDos and plan for the next day.

4. Keep all your personal information in your Contacts under your own name.

5. Don’t just strike completed tasks–notate and track their progress.

6. Only you can manage your calendar.

7. Throw out everything–EVERYTHING–you don’t need.