What Will Wendy the Retard Do for Money?

August 18, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked Robin to play the What Will Wendy the Retard Do For Money game, explaining that Sal had proposed a variety of agreements with Wendy–Robin just as to guess whether of not Wendy consented:

For $5,000, would you give up pizza for the rest of your life? Robin guessed Wendy would say no, but Wendy, clearly unable to grasp the concept of ‘rest of your life,’ said yes.

For $50,000, would you give up bowling forever? Robin thought Wendy had to have jumped at the giant payday, but Wendy–although shaken–was committed to her only social outlet: “No?” For $5,000, would kick your cat in the ass as hard as you can?

Robin lost the game, guessing Wendy would say no–but Wendy thought the task was routine: “Yes. That’s what I do all the time.”