Ronnie Has Zero Talent and Scott Has Even Less

September 6, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard responded to fan reports that Ronnie the Limo Driver and Scott the Engineer’s performances at a recent “Ronnie’s Block Party” event were sub-par, saying they couldn’t be expected to perform at a professional level: “As far as Ronnie goes, it’s a goof. Ronnie has zero talent. And Scott has less…if you’re expecting a great show, you’re out of your mind.” Howard continued: “The Ronnie-Scott portion of the show is going to be worse than horrible. It’s a trainwreck. The two of [them] have no business being on stage. [One’s] my limo driver and [one’s] a sound engineer. They have nothing to do with show business other than I have them on the show. So why would you think it would be a good show? And you would complain?”