The Newlyweird Game: Round 2

September 13, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

JD had the couples trade places and started in with the Round 2 questions:

Who is your partner’s favorite actor/actress? Fred guessed De Niro, and Howard later confirmed as much. Gary knew only one celebrity put a rise in Jon’s sweatpants: “That girl from 30 Rock…Katrina Bowden.” Later, without pause, Jon laughed: “Katrina Bowden.” Richard guessed Sal might go with a porn actor: “Dr. Piss. That guy from that pee website. [But] in Hollywood, his favorite movie is ‘Goodfellas,’ so I guess I would say Joe Pesci.” Sal later followed the same ‘Goodfellas’ logic–but settled on De Niro.

Who is your partner’s least favorite co-worker? Fred thought Howard would pick Scott the Engineer, but Howard pointed at Benjy. Gary also picked Scott (“The easy answer.”) Salem, but Jon picked a Tapes Team leader David Heydt. Richard guessed Sal would say Ross Zapin, but Sal cited Jason Kaplan.

Within three, how many women has your partner enjoyed vaginal intercourse? Fred guessed 50, but Howard put the number around 30. Gary guessed 5, a number Jon later repeated, saying the bulk of his sexual partners–over 80–had only blown him. Richard also guessed close enough–10–to Sal’s actual number: 7, which was fortunate for Sal because he had no idea what within 3 meant: “You mean within 3 years?”