George Takei’s Italian Vacation

September 19, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked George what he’s been up to lately, so George raved about a recent trip he and Brad made to Italy. The crew thrilled at George’s accented over-pronounciations of the cities he’d visited and description of the statue of David: “Those statues with six packs! Oh my!”

George said he and Brad had celebrated their anniversary on the Almalfi coast with Camparis by the pool and nightly love-making: “We may have had a horizontal slowdance in bed. A slow dance. No wrestling.” George said they’d also discovered limoncello and visited the ruins of Pompei–where George gave an impromptu performance for the other tourists: “I recited from ‘Julius Caesar’ in the Forum there.” George said the vacation was a welcome respite from their routine–including their scheduled, weekly sex: “We made love almost every evening. [But] it may not have been sex.”