JD Dances to Yoko’s New Single

September 27, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

While listening to one of Yoko Ono’s new dance tracks, Howard wondered how JD could dance to it, so JD came in to demonstrate: “A lot of people put their hands up.” Howard awkwardly followed suit: “I thought if you put your hands above your head, you were gay. Straight guys don’t do this…is this it? I am I doing your move right now? Do I look stupid doing this, Robin?” Robin nodded, telling Howard to watch JD closely: “He turns his body too. You’re too exaggerated with your arms.” At Howard’s request, JD reviewed the track: “I like the beat. It’s a little too…something like that.” Howard shook his head: “You went to college?!” JD laughed: “I wasn’t a big talker…for the final project, I had to go up and pitch my story. It did not go well.” Howard sympathized (“When you’re in a social setting, it must be painful for you.”), saying JD came off better on Twitter: “He’s kind of witty…[but] when he comes to talking, he’s weak.”