Attention Pittsburghers!

Beth calls in to promote Animal Friends charity event.

October 10, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Beth called in to promote an upcoming Animal Friends charity event she’s hosting in Pittsburgh and laughed that Howard’s new hobby had dominated their vacation: “Every day there was a photo session. Oh my god, Robin.” Howard said he couldn’t help it (“My wife is so sexy!”), but Beth wasn’t on the same page: “I’m looking the mirror lately and I’m feeling my age. I’m getting the wrinkles in the forehead.” To prove his point, Howard asked Beth to tell of her most recent salon experience. Beth explained that she went to the nail salon and the Asian woman who did her nails offered her a back and shoulder massage. However, things took an odd turn when the seated massage was administered in a back room: “She took my shirt off…and then she started massaging my breasts.” To make matters worse, the masseuse even allowed a male employee to enter Beth’s private area: “She had my shirt up over my head and the bra was unfastened and dangling. I think he needed [to get] a towel or something.”