Rosie's Multi-Million Dollar Lease on Life

Rosie O'Donnell called in to promote her new talk show on OWN, and Howard took the opportunity to congratulate her on its well-reviewed premiere. Howard also predicted that Rosie would fire all of Oprah's production staff within a year, so Rosie laughed: "It's only about three people from her senior staff. And the rest of them were all young, new kids who had all worked with her for about 5 to 8 years, the rest of them, so they're all quite--quite trainable."

Howard said a daily show was a big commitment ("Is this going to kill you?"), but Rosie welcomed the challenge: "I pray to God it's not going to kill me...[but] ten years doing nothing? You try it. I was going crazy."

Rosie said she'd also recently split with her ex, Tracy, after attempting to merge their families: "Honestly, you know, it was a lot of didn't allow a lot of time for she and I to be alone."

And Her Barbie-Like Girlfriend

Rosie told Howard she'd met a new girlfriend--a Julianne Moore-lookalike way out of her league: "Your dream girl. I'm telling you...I was intimidated by the beauty. I was a little thrown."

Rosie said her new girlfriend is helping her embrace her feminine side: "I now have matching bras and underwear. With lace."