JD’s Weight Gain, Height Loss

October 19, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked JD to come and discuss his weight: “You’ve put on, I’d say, 50 pounds.” J

D agreed that he’d gained weight, but thought his 5’11” frame allowed him to carry a little extra. Robin, puzzled, stood up, pointing out that she was taller than JD and estimating his actual height at 5’7″.

Howard was overjoyed: “He doesn’t know his own height!”

JD shrugged: “Maybe I shrunk!” JD later admitted his negative eating habits: “You’re right. Everyone’s right…couple years ago I was, like, 175, you know, in that range, and then, uh, you know, around the time I started taking the meds and whatnot, uh, I been, like, 205-210.”

Asked if he’d recently started mining the glom box [where all the stuff companies send the show ends up for the taking] for XL t-shirts, JD confessed that he was wearing one as he spoke: “It fits and it doesn’t say ‘cock’ or ‘pussy’. So.”