Time & Money Wasted on Studio 54 Party

Howard discusses the extravagant party thrown by Sirius.

October 19, 2011
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Early in the show, Howard ranted about Sirius XM’s “colossal waste of time and money” on a party they threw in honor of the new Studio 54 channel: “I can’t imagine a bigger waste of time… And of course I got resentful because it’s my money they use.”

Howard said he and Beth had been approached to attend and were promised, bizarrely, that other “big celebrities” would be there. But only two minor celebrities showed up: the club’s former doorman, and Randy Jones from the Village People.

Gary had observed the same thing: “They said Keith Richards and Madonna…I saw an enormous amount of man hours being put into it. It was the project of the month.”

Night of Zero Stars

Howard said he refused to attend: “It was an elitist club that guys like me were left out of–and quite frankly, the common man doesn’t give a damn about Studio 54. None of us were getting laid. None of us got any coke. None of us got any bullshit over there. How do you celebrate Studio 54 with a bunch of elitists? It makes no sense. Nobody cared about Studio 54.”

Robin agreed, noting the club’s now-ancient clientele: “It’s going to be a very small club if you’re getting the old Studio 54 crowd back together.”

Howard thought it was just another laughably misguided ‘subscriber event’–that interests zero subscribers: “They held a country concert in New York and they had to hand out free tickets that night because no one wanted to go. Not even people who worked here.”

Howard laughed: “It’s the night of zero stars…what’s next? Ringo in Central Park? What’s the philosophy there? Who’s signing up for Sirius after that?”