Vote for David Arquette on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

October 24, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

David Arquette called during the first hour of the show to say he was nervous about tonight’s episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars’: “I can’t sleep, quite frankly…anything I do, I do to my fullest.”

Howard encouraged his listeners to vote for David after tonight’s show, laughing: “It’s embarrassing to me that he’s so into it. But he’s into it.”

Howard said he was most embarrassed by David’s attire: “I know you’ve got to wear gay outfits for that show but button your shirt up.”

David laughed that was trying to pander to the show’s voting block: “The audience is primarily housewives!”

Howard pushed for details from tonight’s show, but David would only say he was dancing the quickstep: “You’re not supposed to reveal your song.”

Robin scoffed: “How gay is that?”

Tell Courtney to Stay Home

Howard asked David to bar his ex from the show’s studio audience: “Tell Courteney to sit home tonight. Really. I don’t care about that. People are irritated by it. I know I am.”

David shrugged that he didn’t care “if I get kicked off because I have support form my ex…she still loves me with all of her heart.”

Howard dismissed the idea: “If she’s in love with you, she’d work out the stuff and stay married to you.”