Benjy Gets His Ass-Whipped

October 25, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said Benjy got his “ass whipped” on CNN yesterday, so Benjy explained that he’d interrupted a stand-up report to encourage people to vote for David Arquette on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

As he shouted his message, he was attacked on-camera: “I guess he was a producer on the site. I guess what I did was dicky but I think that was so wrong…do I look dangerous?”

Robin deadpanned: “Yes.”

Benjy admitted he’d actually been trying to impress a girl: “I was with this chick. That chick I told you about.”

Benjy said her name was Elisa Jordana: “She loves me but she’s asexual.”

Howard speculated that she was only asexual when it came to Benjy, and Benjy confirmed as much: “She’s also said she’s not attracted to me.”

After looking at a picture of Elisa, Howard sympathized: “She is insanely hot. She’s a sexy girl.”