November 1, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Elisa said she just couldn’t manufacture a sexual attraction: “He’s been growing on me [but] not in a sexual way.”

Howard understood: “Something about a guy has to turn a woman on in order for her to orgasm.”

Benjy laughed (“Well, I’m trying to convince her that it doesn’t.”) that he’d marry her regardless: “Would I get married tomorrow? No. But maybe next Monday.”

The Look Of Love

Elisa wished Benjy looked more like his J-Date profile picture: “His picture is amazing. It’s really good. He’s got a nice hat on.”

She thought he even looked better (than usual) while in-studio: “The lighting in here, he looks really good right now.”

Howard said Benjy couldn’t always benefit from professional lighting: “The problem is when he gets out of that seat.”

Elisa nodded: “I know. Yeah.”

Elisa then performed her single, ‘F**k You, I’m Fine,’ but Howard was more interested in watching Benjy: “You’re in love, dude. Look at you.”

After she’d left, Benjy confessed that he’d shed tears over Elisa: “Sometimes I get really really really sad and I start crying.”

Howard told Benjy he had to move on: “She ain’t the one. You don’t want to be married to a woman who isn’t attracted to you.”