Belier v. Buttafuoco

November 2, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lou Bellera and Joey Buttafuoco stopped by to promote their upcoming Celebrity Boxing match, but Howard insisted that the (infamously volatile) pair be separated in the studio: “Because I don’t need them beating the shit out of each other right here.” Security ushered Lou into Robin’s booth and guarded the exit: “Is the glass thick enough, Howard? It better be reinforced.” Joey then sat on the couch, confessing that he was drugged to the gills: “I’m on everything man. I hurt my leg, so I’m taking everything I can just so I can walk.” Asked about the animosity between them, Lou said there was actually very little: “It was a horrible thing and people paid the price. I always said my wife should be forgiven and I feel the same way for him too.”