Benjy ‘Bombs’ Another Press Conference

November 8, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

At the top of the show, Howard noted that Benjy crashed Gloria Allred’s press conference yesterday, and, instead of promoting the show, he repeatedly dropped the name of his crush, Elisa Jordana: “If this doesn’t get you in her pants, I don’t know what will.”

Robin disagreed (“This is pushing him further away.”), but Howard didn’t think it was so serious: “It was another one of these Gloria Allred conferences.”

Robin saw his point: “When Gloria Allred shows up, it doesn’t have any credibility whatsoever.”

Who Wants Me to Leave?

In one clip, Benjy could be heard grabbing the mic before Gloria arrived and haranguing an indignant press corps, saying he could just as well be Herman Cain’s most recent accuser (“Maybe I have unknown genitalia! Maybe that’s my problem!”) but eventually revealing his true motivation: “Calm down. This is not what you think it is. Just calm down. This is about Elisa Jordana.”

Howard saw a parallel with Reagan’s assassin: “You know, Hinckley wanted to impress Jodie Foster.”

Gary said the entire press conference was carried live on TMZ–Benjy had the mic for well over twenty minutes: “There were points where he was just leaning against the podium.”

In another clip, Benjy introduced Gloria as she entered the room: “Ladies and gentleman, all the way from Los Angeles, California, Miss Gloria Allred and the accuser! I will walk out. Elisa Jordana! Let’s take a vote real quick. First the yays, then the nays. Who wants me to leave?”

Howard cracked up: “You’re a professional at irritating people.”