Scott DePace Spies on Howard

November 8, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jon Lieberman reported that Scott DePace had been caught training the HowardTV cameras on Howard’s computer screen so he could see which callers were on the line, a charge Howard quickly answered: “That is for my eyes only. Not for Scott DePace. I don’t want to share who is on the phone [and] I don’t want to make my screeners uncomfortable with what they write on the screen.”

Scott insisted he’d meant no harm: “I was doing nothing wrong…I could easily go into Will’s office and see the same thing. It’s not like I’m spying.”

Still, Howard clarified the rule: “No one is to look at the computer screen where I have notes about callers. That is for my eyes only.”

Scott later explained that he was just trying to cut post-production costs: “I have to get ready to put up a picture of the person…if I’m not prepared for that, then editing is a [pain].”